Weekly Musings (July 27th - Aug 02nd)


I got reminded today, as I have been numerous times, throughout my career as a Java developer, that you can always shoot yourself in the foot, if you want to. The fact that Java is a statically-typed language, does not mean it's not open for all sorts of pre/post - compilation reflection magic

___ It seems to me that Medium is by far the only service out there, which has figured it out that we are moving past the full-size-blog-post-era. You know, the time when every blog post was this gorgeous 5000-word masterpiece, with a proper title, nicely indented paragraphs, etc. I am not claiming that the era of long writings is gone, not at all. It's just that not every piece of writing needs to be a polished piece, to convey some meaning. In fact, as Twitter has shown us over the years of its existence, brevity itself holds a lot of meaning. It has also shown us that timing is key. If you don't catch it, the right moment may be gone, so better release early and often.

IMHO, blogging tools put a bit of unnecessary pressure and barriers to entry. There have been many moments like this, when I wanted to simply write down a thought or an idea, and share it with the world. Yet, every time I come to my blog and start a new post, I get asked to name it. It's just a scrappy note, it's not supposed to be finished anyway, why on Earth should I name it? Though the blogging tool does not understand. It just hasn't been designed to understand. Of course, I can fiddle around with the theme of my blog, and make titles optional, but the issue is a bit more philosophical.