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Android Developer Links (July 2016)

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047: Custom Views & ViewGroups with Huyen Tue Dao - Fragmented

In this episode we talk to Trello engineer, GDE, YouTuber, Caster IO instructor and View magician Huyen about all things custom View/ViewGroups.

Exceed the Android Speed Limit! - Google Developers

When it comes to goals or benchmarks for app performance, there is really only one. Does your app consistently draw the screen fast enough so that your user sees smooth, fluid motions, transitions, and responses? It turns out that for that user experience, your application has to do all its work in 16 milliseconds or less for every single screen refresh.

Android Development: some of the best practices. Jun 2016 edition

Use Kotlin, yeah it’s time! Consider it long term investment in your project and skills.
Think twice before adding any third party library; it’s a serious commitment.Use only small, one-feature libraries and abstraction layer above it — would be easier to replace in future.

Instagram + Android: Four Years Later - Instagram Engineering

The first version of Instagram for Android was built in four months by a team of two engineers. It's been four years since that launch, and in that time we've added features such as video, direct messaging, photo maps, advertiser support, and new ways to discover and explore the amazing content shared by users around the world.

Introduction to Kotlin: Android Programming For Humans

Java has been a dominant programming language for ages, but modern times call for modern languages. Meet Kotlin, a modern, clear, and expressive programming language powered by the same virtual machine technology that powers Java.

Create Intelligent, Context-Aware Apps with the Google Awareness APIs | Android Developers Blog

Last month at Google I/O 2016 we announced the new Google Awareness APIs, enabling your apps to intelligently react to user context using snapshots and fences with minimal impact on system resources. Today we're proud to announce that the Google Awareness API is available to all developers through Google Play services.