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Munich Startup Meetups:

As I have already mentioned in my previous post, Munich’s startup meetup scene may not have the glamor and glory of its big city counterparts, yet it keeps surprising me positively every time. This time, I decided to join an ongoing meetup series, called The idea is similar to that of TEDx or PechaKucha, where speakers show their personal experience within a limited amount of time. That’s why the name: a speaker has exactly 12 minutes to tell a story, and another 12 for answering questions. A brief pause for a short introduction of the next speaker, and the timer starts again. And so, until all speakers are done. The story lineup is also chosen so that the people focus on the personal side of their success, rather than jump directly into a marketing pitch for their newest products.

Stefan Müller, founder of xercise und balanceo | Photo by Jens Heine (via Meetup)

To be honest, I went to the meetup without really big expectations. I thought that perhaps I’d meet some interesting people, but what could the speakers tell me, which I wouldn’t already know? Turns out, I was wrong. Behind every successful idea hides lots of pain and struggle, and all three speakers had certainty lived through a lot. This made their stories extremely interesting, yet I can only imagine what it feels like, telling a group of people you have not met before, about overcoming a personal struggle. All three stories were touchy, each in its own way, but the common motto remained:

“No matter what life brings you, stay positive and use it as an opportunity to turn things around. Oh, and learn to say Yes to new challenges popping up your way.”


Kilian Trenkle – founder of Freigeist Products GmbH | Photo by Jens Heine (via Meetup)

I highly recommend these types of meetings to people, struggling with the mundanity of everyday life, looking for fresh ideas and people to get inspired from. This was one of the reasons, I wrote this short post – to let likeminded people in the Munich area know about and pop up there the next time. I’m certainly going there again, and would love to meet and greet any of you, dear readers!

Who knows, maybe, with a bit of luck, I might as well become one of the upcoming speakers during the upcoming year. I would certainly be glad to share a story of my life, and potentially, reach to some people who have gone through similar struggles.

Next Event

The upcoming event will take place  on October 13, 2016. Sign up via the Meetup link.

About As a Series is one of a few event series ranging across several cities in Germany (Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart, among others). The time format remains roughly the same, where what differs across cities, are the type of goals and topics set by the local organisers. While some meetup groups of the series focus exclusively on a specific topic (e.g. innovation in healthcare) or product/service presentations, the Munich round took a different view from the beginning. As already mentioned, the organizers from mantro GmbH are both open to speakers with any background and experience, but also strict about stories not falling into the category of marketing pitches.

About Mantro

mantro GmbH is a Munich company, dealing with providing services, working space, and support for various in-grown and external startups in the area.


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