Debugging Network Calls in React Native Using the Chrome Debugger

TL;DR! Just give me the code In your index.js file (or your platform-specific index file for that matter), simply add the following line to the top, directly after the import statements: XMLHttpRequest = GLOBAL.originalXMLHttpRequest ? GLOBAL.originalXMLHttpRequest : GLOBAL.XMLHttpRequest; You will also need a Chrome plugin that overrides CORS. I use CORS Toggle. You may also […]

FIX: Angular2 – Missing Http Function

The first Http example that most new Angular 2 users get to try their hands on, is this code snippet taken from the Angular 2 Http Docs: import {Http, HTTP_PROVIDERS} from ‘angular2/http’; @Component({ selector: ‘http-app’, viewProviders: [HTTP_PROVIDERS], templateUrl: ‘people.html’ }) class PeopleComponent { constructor(http: Http) { http.get(‘people.json’) // Call map on the response observable to […]