So You Want to Talk?

Hi there,

In case You have recently ended up checking up my LinkedIn or XING profiles, trying to reach me with an exciting career opportunity, then this is the right place. I am generally interested to hear about such new opportunities, but since I am still busy at work, my time for a phone call is limited. I decided instead to help You further by writing a few things about myself, and what I am generally looking for. This should help You filter me out if the opportunity does not meet my criteria. Or alternatively, if it does, just reach me again, and we'll talk.

Much about me You already know. I am a professional Java developer with several years of experience as a backend developer. I usually learn about new technologies quickly, which is how I became a full-stack developer. I've recently expanded my horizons from a pure backend perspective to frontend on one side, and DevOps on the other. I am also currently working on strengthening my project management skills as well.

All in all, what I am striving for, is creating a project from the beginning to a stage, in which it can be handed over to the client. Yet, there quickly comes stage, when I need to target my passion onto a new project. I am a starter. Unlike others, who gladly sit on one thing for months, I would love to start multiple things and hand them over to other people, who are more appropriate for keeping them live for years.

The other real passion of mine is working with data, and extracting knowledge of it. I love building and working on systems, which extract, process, and analyze large amounts of data. I am a firm believer that machine learning practices can be made applicable for everyday use.

Where Your opportunity comes into place

Ideally, Your opportunity offers enough freedom and autonomy over projects. I'd love to be able to use my software architecture skills and knowledge. As I already mentioned, I generally prefer working on new things, picking up the bare idea, and turning it into a working product.

Second, I hope that projects have to do with data, and making Your way around them. I usually avoid anything that has to do purely with online analytics and ads though. I am rather looking for projects that have measurable, physical impact onto our world.

Last, but not least, I am looking for a flexible working culture. Nothing stiff, as in being in the office every day, participating in a hundred bureaucratic meetings, just to keep protocol. Neither, so free that You can't get to meet a real human being for months. Just right in the middle. The possibility for direct communication in every direction, as well as roughly 25-30% remote working/home office is the ideal mix that I am looking for.

Does Your opportunity have all of that? Please, fill out the form below:

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