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  • 31 March 2017

    Android Developer Links: March 2017

    This is a list of Android-related resources, carefully curated over the course of each month. I try to make sure that the links that end up here, contain useful and always relevant information. The majority get suggested by the growing list of Android developers I follow on Twitter, others via...

  • 26 June 2016

    Kotlin Basics: apply() and copy()

    Without any doubt, Java is a verbose language. This verbosity of the language makes it easy to understand Java code by new programmers. It is though one of the reasons, why many Java programmers find writing Java code tedious. Kotlin brings a touch of succinctness in places, where even programmers...

  • 13 June 2016

    Kotlin Basics: Create Executable Kotlin JARs, using Gradle

    Kotlin is great for creating small command-line utilities, which can be packaged and distributed as normal JAR files. This short tutorial will show you how to: Set up a Gradle project that supports Kotlin Add a starting function Configure your build to call this function when you execute your JAR....

  • 29 May 2016

    Kotlin Basics: Named Parameters and Default Arguments

    Named parameters and default parameter values Similar to their equivalents in Python and Scala, functions in Kotlin can have named parameters and default parameter values. This makes it easy to provide an arbitrary order of params, by specifiyng them by name. It also allows for skipping certain params altogether, when...