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  • 19 June 2016

    Dev Ergonomics Tip: Use a Dark-Style GitHub/StackOverflow Theme

    As many of the developers I know and have met, I am also used to using a dark colour theme on all of my IDEs and text editors, and the command-line terminal. In fact, if an OSX app (still hard to get used to saying macOS) supports a dark mode,...

  • 15 May 2013

    Write Better Software: Avoid Setter Injection at All Costs

    A part of my: "Tips for writing better software" series IMHO, setter injection (SI) is one of the things that keep reoccurring in production code, mainly for legacy reasons. Older versions of some dependency injection (DI) frameworks required it because of the way they instantiated classes - using reflection. What...

  • 22 July 2012

    C/C++ Tips for JavaScript Geeks: The Function Pointer

    In JavaScript, the function is a first class object. This allows us to pass functions as parameters to other functions, and execute them. Very much like: var p = function() { console.log("Executing the callback function"); } var c = function(callBack) { console.log("Executing the wrapper function"); } c(p); C/C++ does...