My Work

As noted in my about me page, I am a full-stack software developer with a penchant for new technologies and taming data. I am currently working as part of the German fintech industry, trying to revolutionize the process of finding and securing affordable real-estate financing. I have helped develop front-facing and internal systems that span across the entire process - from lead acquisition, through intelligent agent allocation, to communicating the potential mortgage holder’s case to a myriad, and ultimately, selecting a matching mortgage offer.

Prior to that, I have helped build a number of tools and systems for online content and media aggregation. Most prominent of that period, has been my work on MyMeedia - an online media hub for small and and medium enterprises.

Besides that, I am a strong proponent of open-source work the “sharing is caring” principle. Apart from what University and my jobs taught me, I owe much of what I am today, because of the open-source community that I have been sourcing knowledge from. It has therefore always been an important goal of mine, to contribute my knowledge back to the community, with the hope that I can help inspire others the same way I inspired by others when I started. Mainly through my writings here, on Medium, Twitter, and across the rest of social media, but also through open-source work on GitHub and Kaggle. I strive to share most of what I learn, as soon as I learn it, and this is something I will pursue in the future.